We grew up with the intention to follow the cooking customs of our parents, and we still maintain the traditional cuisine of Valencia in our hearts.

Sometimes when you know something perfectly  you try to do it even better  because you already understand how it works from inside.
And only when you do it, you are ready to create.

Right after that moment, we became a little daring.

Our kitchen interprets Valencian and Mediterranean recipes, adding a unique touch to each dish.
But don’t worry, we still have paella!.


Discover our take away
menu at:
Dr. Vicente Zaragozá nº 83



Because a mareta would not
be the real mother if she does not bring
the lunch box to you.
96 193 96 62
673 637 625



Customized menus,
waiters, kitchen, open bars…
We provide the catering service from A to Z.


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